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Why Write Erotica?

First and foremost, I write erotica because I love reading it. Romance and erotica stories have helped me through some incredibly difficult times in my life: illness, family issues, the stress of being a caretaker, body image issues, and even, when I was quite young, extricating myself from a toxic religious community.

Romance and erotica writing are a natural fit for me given my deep admiration and appreciation for people attempting to lead their best, most loving, and most pleasurable lives. Stories that revel in sexual and romantic pleasure, in the joy of HEAs, can bring more than simple escapism to our lives—they can help give people energy to get on with what they need to do day-by-day. These stories can help reassure people of all body types, genders, sexual orientations, desires, and proclivities that they are not alone. They are seen, valued, and desired.

Romance and erotica writing can be a beautiful, cathartic experience for readers, so long as the author comes to each story with generosity and thoughtfulness. This is what I hope to do with my stories and why I love writing romance and erotica so much.


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